Upcoming Events

Come along to one of my upcoming exhibits and experience my work in person or join me for an adventure at one of my upcoming photography retreats.

Exhibit 6th-8th December 2019

D-Light Studios, Dublin 1

I have a fresh new portfolio with tryptychs from Stonehenge, Newgrange, Tara, Loughcrew and Uisneach. We recreated images of the Dannan with Eriu the Ancient Goddess of Ireland recreated with Fire on a rainy night in the Burren. We have Sirens in Seacaves, Pipers at Uisneach and witches at Loughcrew, come along and join us on a visual journey on this land.

Photography Adventure 17th-19th January 2020

Westport Woods Hotel, Co. Mayo

This event is a weekend adventure around the Wilds of Mayo with Landscape Photographer Pip Sheridan Sides.

There will be lots of photoshoots where you get a chance to have one on one tuition on how to take better images with your smartphone, rangefinder or SLR camera.

Pip will offer advice on the fundamentals of photography, light and composition. Pip has over 22 years experience as a landscape photographer, and will be on hand throughout the weekend to advise and assess your photography. Even if just using a smartphone a little bit of time and thought to choosing, “that one sight from an inifinity of other sights” -Bresson, can go a long way to taking a well composed and executed image rather than a mere snapshot.

“The most important part of the camera sits 2 inches behind it”- Ansel Adams. Adams was one of the greatest landscape photographers of all time, with this point in mind we make it our mission to show you the client how to compose strong images with a smartphone, a film camera or digital SLR or rangefinder.

Photography Adventure 31st January – 2nd February

Glendalough Hotel

We will make the beautiful Glendalough Hotel our base for the weekend.

Located right in the heart of Glendalough this is the perfect base to spend our weekend deeply submerged in nature and image making.

We will start on the Friday evening with dinner followed by an introductory talk about the art of photography by Pip.

Saturday morning we are up early to catch the morning sunshine. We will venture off to the Monastery and head off into the beautiful valley to see what nature has in store for us with our camera.

Painters get to start with a blank canvas that they add the image to, we by contrast are given the full canvas, our job is to strip it back to find out what is underneath, what scene do we choose to be come “that one sight from an infinity of other sights”- Bresson.

I will start the photoshoot and than wander around one on one to give you hands on tuition.

After Lunch we will depart to the lower lake and spend the time photographing trees, the lake and anything else that comes to mind.

Sunday morning we are up early again and after breakfast we take off to Powerscourt Waterfall. For this exercise we can focus on a smartphone app or if you are using an SLR camera the settings on the shutter to slow down the water. The objective here is to slow down the water to make it look like silk.

Sunday lunch is in Poppys Kitchen in Enniskerry before departing to Powerscourt Town House and Gardens for the concluding part of the workshop.

The gardens here are beautiful, with some beautiful trees on the grounds to capture as well.

We will finish with coffee in Powerscourt Townhouse with a discussion on your own images.

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