Featured Collection – Dancing with Fire

The Goddess Brigid

When the Goddess Brigid was born it is said that there was fire above her head, that reached from her head to the Heavenly realm.   Through these flames Brigid was united with the cosmos.  
Brigid is known as the triple goddess, with her fires of inspiration, hearth and the forge.  Also known as the goddess of childbirth, healers and poets.
This is my interpretation of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Brigid, dancing with fire.  An eternal flame of hope and courage. 

“Victorious Brigit,
Glory of kindred,
Heaven-King’s sister,
Noble person,
Perilous oath*,
Far-flung flame.
She has reached holy Heaven,
Gaeldom’s foster-mother,
Support of strangers,
Spark of wisdom,
Daughter of Dubthach,
High-minded lady,
Victorious Brigit,
The living one of life.
(*dangerous to swear – for perjurers.)”  
-Cited from

This exhibition is a celebration of Fire, captured on a wet evening in the Burren with a fire dancing goddess.  We celebrate the sacred sites of our Island with a new collection from Newgrange, Tara and Loughcrew.

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